Spring, The Growing Year

Spring Experiment

After 6 years of living in Japan, we are moving back to the not-so-sunny skies that is England.

The move is only happening at the end of May and I’m very excited, particularly as I have an allotment lined up already! Oh, and my garden to claim back!

Here in Tokyo, spring is making an appearance and whenever the weather warms, my fingers, like the buds on the trees start to turn green. Before I knew that I was leaving, I had started to chit some potatoes, and as I was unable to find someone who wanted them, I’ve decided to pot them up and see whether I can get some new potatoes before we leave. (We have 10 weeks!)

As I want to take my more suitable pots back with me, I can’t use them, so I’m using what I have- old compost bags, a small pot and a bucket.

I first had to drill holes in the bucket.

Then I added drainage aids. I have already got rid of the stones that my child has collected, so I’ve used some old pine cones that we have on display. They aren’t coming to England, so no problem there…. they just might make the soil too acidic for the potatoes. But this is an experiment, so let’s see…

Another experiment is the use of the small pot. I’ve only put one potato in the pot, and am waiting to see whether it works…

So spuds in, soil just covering them, watered and now I wait.

Once there are a few leaves up, I will cover them some more and repeat this a few times. Hopefully by the end of April, I can leave them to produce potatoes for us to eat just before we leave. Or to give to a potato loving friend as they are rather expensive here!

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