Early Summer Update.

The growth at the Plot has been amazing. Not surprising really as the weather is lovely and warm, and the rains are starting to appear. 

So we’ve been weeding. Lots of it. 

Most of the children have enjoyed it, as they’ve learnt to distinguish between what’s a weed and what’s a plant. 

We’ve also started to harvest. Our lettuces are beginning to bolt, so we’ve removed all of those. They are still edible, so back to school they’ve gone, with strict instructions to wash them well. 

Very well. 

We are gardening organically and our lettuces do come with crawling protein attached to them.  

The biggest harvesting joy had to be the potatoes. The digging in the ground and discovery of the tubers provided lots of squeals of excitement. Definitely worth repeating. 

With only  3 weeks left of term, we haven’t  planted anything. Partly because, the main garden centre that I use doesn’t sell vegetables seedlings at this time of year. It seems that the Japanese have a planting season, growing season, harvest and then a planting season. They don’t believe in successional planting. 

With the forth coming summer holidays, I am formulating a plan as to how the Plot can survive with 8 weeks of being unattended. Possibly I’ll head down with some enthusiastic parents during the summer while I am here….

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