Spring, The Growing Year

The Fight Begins

“Today the battle begins. We have a fight that we need to wage against the those that are seeking to destroy what we have worked so hard in achieving!”

Ok, so it was a bit extreme, but it achieved its aim: to empower 20 6-year olds to weed the vegetables and remove any unwelcome visitors!

With the increase in temperature, the beds did need some work and the cucumber beetles had arrived. This blog post by WI Master Gardener provides interesting facts about cucumber beetles in the US, and the beetles decimating our newly planted cucumbers for our tunnel are the same critters as in the article. 

Cabbage white butterfly larvae were eating into the brassicas, so we set to task. 

Having discussed camouflaged with the children and how to pick the caterpillars off safely (the children were planning to keep them as pets and watch them grow), a  group of 6 children were given the task of removing the caterpillars. 

There were lots of squeals of excitement when ladybirds and their larvae were spotted. Especially when the children heard they were friendly bugs to have. 

For the time that we had, the children managed a fair amount of removal- caterpillars, weeds and even the first harvest of the season. Broccoli and lettuce. 


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