Background and Information

The Concept

This is not a new concept- growing your own food, and while it is something that is not as common a it was, it is changing. The UK is seeing a growth in allotment requests as more and more people are starting to grow their own and discover how delicious growing your own can be. How freshly pulled carrots have a delicious earthy taste that no store bought one could ever match.

The purpose of Plot2Plate is to cultivate a love of growing your own, through this blog and by working alongside others. My children’s school has a plot 30 minutes drive from the school and each week I work with the teachers and together we are teaching the children the fundamentals of growing your own.

Ultimately I would love to be working with a school who share the vision: of a Garden classroom and a Kitchen classroom- where children can enjoy gardening lessons and cooking lessons based on the harvest. So cultivating within the next generation a love and understanding of wholesome, organic seasonal eating.

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