Background and Information


I just love gardening. Have done for as long as I can remember. I am fortunate enough to have grown up on 5 1/2 acres and, while we did grow our own food (including chickens) for a time, it was the playing outdoors, getting dirty, climbing trees and such like that inspired me.

And my Gran’s food. I would like to say her cooking, but she lived on a farm and she had help, so she didn’t cook. (She was still living in rather colonial times- right down to no mains electricity.) Her food was predominantly grown in her garden and I loved it.

Even now, there is nothing tastier than pulling a carrot out of the ground, rinsing it off and eating it still attached to its leaves. Crunchy. Earthy. Yum.

From the Plot to the Plate…

Now I don’t wish to be the next Martha Stewart, Mary Berry or Jamie Oliver. I seriously doubt my cooking is up to scratch with them!

But I want to grow my own food.
Good wholesome food, that my children will eat.
Preferably with more vegetables in their diet.

In fact, I would love to be feeding my family a predominately plant based diet, but the South African diet is too entrenched in me. I just love my braais (A South African barbecue) and at the moment my meals are rather meat heavy.

But I believe I will get there. Slowly along this garden path of growing. Growing more of my own food. Growing to love vegetable based meals. Growing a better understanding of crop rotation. Growing in my skill set so I’m growing more food and less weeds.

I’m looking forward to sharing my journey with you. Please stop by and have a look, ask questions or leave a comment. After all, these are things that help all of us to grow.

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