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Two weeks in

Two weeks in and I’m already growing a bumper crop of weeds AND they are beginning to set seed. Time to get cracking!
I decided to use a system based on a book entitled ‘Half Hour Allotment’ by Lia Leendertz.

Basically an allotment can eat up masses of time- but if you allocated a time limit to a job and tackle everything on bite size chunks it is so much more manageable.

My neighbours had spent a weekend digging over their plots, fertilising them and then planting.
I don’t have the time or the strength or stamina to do that so my plan was different.
It is late September so I need to get things in the ground ASAP!
The Japanese system (so I’ve been told) is to dig raised beds as they tend to only use a hoe- more on that later.
My plan is to dig up a row and then plant it. I already have onions growing from seed is a pot at home so hopefully they will go in soon.

I paid a visit to the local garden center and bought 6 each of brussel sprouts and broccoli. Put them into the first 2 rows. Next to them I planted a catch crop of spinach and rocket. The 6 plants only took up half the rows, so I raided the potato plants the were growing so frivolously around my plot and planted them up. It’s an experiment- my spuds grow in my compost bin in the UK, so why not here?
Only time will tell!

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