Background and Information

I have an allotment

It could be a mad thing…Something I had decided beforehand that I wouldn’t do…

‘I’ll just help out with the students.’

‘I don’t have the time for an allotment.’

These were my thoughts when we went down to see the site in early Sept.

But despite the challenges the visit had (see my post on my sister site about it here) I couldn’t resist…

‘Please may I have this piece?’
“AD (my husband) is not going to be impressed!”
But taken it I have…

It isn’t big, especially compared to what I had back in the UK- about 30sqm. Perfect for me to grow a few crops.
I am planning to only grow ‘hardy crops’ ie plants that won’t require too much TLC. The journey is about 45mins door to door, so I won’t be going down more than once a week.

Thankfully the students will be down about every 5 days, so I can ask them to throw some water over my plants when things get very hot…
We shall see whether I will stick to my plans.
Will I manage or will it be too much?
Only time will tell.

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